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Ayubowan and wishing you long life! Welcome to the jewel of the Indian Ocean. The enchanting attractions of this island have unlocked numerous Sri Lanka holiday deals for the globetrotters. Relax on idyllic beaches, soak in the fresh mountain air in Nuwara Eliya and Hatton, stroll amongst lush tea estates, spot leopards on a Yala safari, marvel at the graceful whales and playful dolphins in Kalpitiya, snorkel in Hikkaduwa, go wreck-diving, or simply choose from the wide array of treks and hikes at Knuckles, Horton Plains, Sigiriya and Adam’s Peak to name a few, and try your hand at surfing and kite surfing, whilst studying the enigmatic, ancient ruins of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa.

Our Sri Lanka vacation packages include discovering vibrant indigenous species deep in the jungles to enjoying a sumptuous, traditional meal in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka is a smorgasbord of cultures and experiences, offering visitors a truly remarkable encounter, one that’s quite unlike any other in the world.Indulge in the taste of precious spices grown and harvested right here at home, as you learn all about how this astounding island paradise could offer you the best Sri Lanka holiday packages.

We travel in your shoes to create spectacular Sri Lanka vacation packages and heighten the depth of your holiday. Selecting a tour package would be a daunting task with the massive destinations available in Sri Lanka. Leave your stress, and we will do the rest. At GetGo Tours we sketch unblemished Sri Lanka vacation packages to quench your vacation desire.






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Reviewed by Somya Martand
"A Great atmosphere in silence to witness when less tourists are present."

Four Temples to witness, the ceiling paintings, coloured in natural colours for the first and oldest King inspired temple. As you progress to the other temples there is a small Hindu shrine to be blessed by, for a small donation too.. but as you progress down the row of temples, they get less traditional and artificial colours are introduced in the wall paintings which don't last over time compared to the natural colours which still hold their colours. Having an older guide is a good thing, they might know the deeper meanings behind the hand postures of the Buddhas.. Many Buddhas as more people pay their respects. Beautiful Lotus flower offerings adorn the alters in front of the sleeping Buddha. Overall an enriching experience

Reviewed by Rohan Vadsola
"Great Day Out"

Just when we though we had seen most of what our beautiful world has to offer, we stumbled upon Sri-Lanka. Just when we thought we had seen the best luxury service a tour company has to offer, we stumbled upon this tour company. We have traveled to 16 countries in 2016, 17 countries in 2017 and 18 countries in 2018. By far the biggest and the most pleasant surprise was Sri-Lanka. The biggest contribution to this trip was the professionalism and excellent service provided by this tour company. Unlike most of our trips, we did not make detailed plans for this trip. We just emailed general guidelines and asked the tour company to come up with the details. I can write many pages about our wonderful experiences, but do not want to spoil it for the rest. Must go see it for yourself…. And pick this tour company to do it right.

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