Weera Puran Appu Museum The museum is housed in the “Weera Puran Appu Vidyalaya”, located on the New Galle Road in the Moratuwa region. The museum exhibits different items related to the life of “Weera Puran Appu”. “Weera Puran Appu” is considered as a hero, who fought against the British rule in order to protest […]

Gem and Jewelry

City of Gems Sri Lanka is the largest producer of some of the valuable gemstones in the world. Sri Lanka’s oil is mineral rich, and as a result of that, it has become a repository of precious as well as semi-precious stones. This includes Ruby, Star Sapphire, Cat’s Eyes, Garnets, Zircons, and Spinels. The sapphires […]



Ayurveda is also referred to as “science of life”. This is an ancient system of healing, which is around 4000 years old and is practiced in both India and Sri Lanka. The best thing is, in Ayurveda only natural medicines are used, which are the product of nature. The knowledge of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka […]



Sri Lanka offers both traditional Sri Lankan food as well as the Korean food, Japanese food, Indonesian Food, and Chinese food. One can find a Chinese restaurant in almost all the cities, offering Chinese food. There are restaurants which offer western food as well. Rice is the staple food of Sri Lanka, and Sri Lankans […]


Wildlife in Sri Lanka

Mihintale, in Sri Lanka, was recorded as first wildlife park in Sri Lanka. This park was established by “King Devanampiyatissa” in 247 BC. King took this step, after the inspirational message he got from Arahant Mahinda. His belief towards Buddhism made him more conservative. An inscription which is inscribed on a stone slab in Anuradhapura, […]


Bahirawakanda Temple

Rising up above the Kandy town it’s just 2 km from the Dalada maligawa the temple of the Sacred tooth relic. The name “Bahirawa Kanda” means the gnome mountain. There are many beliefs in folklore pertaining to the ancient history of this mountain. According to one legend, there was a powerful Bahirawa Devalaya at the […]

Rivers in Sri Lanka


Major Rivers in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka has 103 rivers & streams. Most of these rivers flow down from the mountainous regions. The longest river of Sri Lanka is “Mahaweli”. The “Mahaweli” river starts from Adam’s peak, and after traveling for 333 kilometers it makes its way to the Indian Ocean, at the Koddiyar Bay, […]

Waterfalls in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka Waterfall Attractions Sri Lanka is famous for its breathtaking waterfalls. It cannot be denied that waterfalls have been, one of the most beautiful creations of nature. It has been the prime attraction amongst the tourist, for a long time. Sri Lanka boasts of a large number of waterfalls, and most of them are […]

Mountains in Sri Lanka


The mountains of Sri Lanka can be found in the Southern as well as the central part of the country. These mountains have rich ecological value. Pidurutalagala is the highest peak of Sri Lanka at 2524 meters high, located in Nuwara Eliya district. The second highest peak of Sri Lanka is, Kringalpottha at 2395 meters […]

Beaches and Lagoons Sri Lanka

Mangroves and Lagoons

Lagoons are popular for their natural scenic beauty. They also contribute in the development of mangrove vegetation, production of salt, the formation of habitats for the migrating birds, providing protection from the storm surge, and also anchorage to ships & boats. Whereas mangroves are found in areas, which are formed of “low-oxygen” soil, where sediments […]