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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the largest island, located in Sour Asia. The island is around 30 kilometers from the southern tip of India, while it is separated by Palk Strait from India. Sri Lanka has been known to world in different names. It was called as “Tambapanni” by the Aryan prince “Vijaya” (543 BC- 505 BC). As per the chronicles of Sri Lanka, he was the first king of Sri Lanka. Since he saw the coast of Sri Lanka in copper color, he decided to call it as “Tambapanni”. Similarly, Graeco- Roman mariners in the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius called the island as Taprobane, they found “Tambapanni” bit difficult to pronounce. In the second century AD map, geographer Ptolemy called Sri Lanka, as Taprobanam.

Some of the other names with which Sri Lanka is addressed are Ceylon, Zellan, Ratnadvipa, and Serendib. All the names are based on certain qualities and characters. The island plays an important part in mythological epic Ramayana, which is based on legendary Rama & Sita. The island is also believed to be blessed by three distinct visits of Lord Buddha, to Nagadeepa, Kelaniya, and Mahiyangana. The island has been of great interests to some of the legendary travelers like Chinese monk Fahsien (5th Century AD) and Marco Polo (Circa 1293). It is still manages to charm the tourists across the world. It manages to attract the tourists with its unwinding mysteries, which are fresh and pleasurable, and this is why it was considered as the “crowning jewel” of the British Empire.

From the map, the shape of Sri Lanka creates a vision of teardrop, on the cheek of India, as it lies as a pendant from the southernmost tip, of the Indian Subcontinent lies between 50 55’-90 50’north and 790 42’- 810 52’ east. The stretch from Point Pedro in North to Dondra Head in South is only 435 kilometers, while the width of the island stands at 225 kilometer. The area of the island is compacted within 65,610 square kilometers. Sri Lanka could be described as perfect mix of scenic beauty, sounds and scents. One can experience the majestic ceremonies along with the local traditions in Sri Lanka, set at the backdrop of Sri Lankan culture. Local crafts of Sri Lanka are something to explore, and could be of immense interests to the tourists. One can also catch the glimpse of the monolithic ruins along with beautiful monuments that has been built by the ancient civilizations. This is not all, the tropical rainforest and arid scrub jungle of Sri Lanka, only demonstrates the diversified ecosystem of Sri Lanka. On the other hand, the shores of Sri Lanka could be a real fun with plethora watersports that includes snorkeling, surfing, sailing etc.