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Ayurveda is also referred to as “science of life”. This is an ancient system of healing, which is around 4000 years old and is practiced in both India and Sri Lanka. The best thing is, in Ayurveda only natural medicines are used, which are the product of nature.

The knowledge of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka has been derived from the works written by the sages from ancient India, like Charaka and Sushruta, who lived more than a thousand years ago. Ayurveda in Sri Lanka should not be considered as a mode of medication, rather than for Sri Lankans it is the way of life they know for more than two thousand years. This is a common belief amongst the previous as well as current generations of Sri Lankans. Ayurveda deals with the treatment of the root cause of a particular illness that deals with both the mind as well as the body. In Sri Lanka, there is a vast network of state-run Ayurveda hospitals, and treatment in these hospitals are provided free of cost. The beauty of Ayurveda is it can treat a different type of diseases, without any form of side effects. Most of the Ayurvedic doctors are trained from “Institute of Indigenous Medicine”. However, few Ayurvedic practitioners are also from the traditional families, that has acquired the knowledge of Ayurveda and got specialized in the same, for numerous generations.

The “Institute of Indigenous Medicine” is a premier Ayurvedic institute in Sri Lanka, and is affiliated to the “University of Colombo”. The institute imparts graduate as well as undergraduate courses on Ayurveda, Unani and Indigenous medicine system.

On the other hand, the traditional Ayurvedic medical practitioners have developed their own framework of Ayurveda, based on the prescriptions that were written on the Ola leaves. These prescriptions could be described as a well-preserved treasure that has been handed over from one generation to another. Some of them date back to two thousand years ago. In the year of 398 AD, King Buddhadasa documented “Saratha Sangraha”, which is widely used by the Ayurvedic physicians Sri Lanka, even today.

Sri Lanka can be credited as the first county in the world, that has established well-dedicated hospitals for Ayurveda. The first hospital was established in Mihintale, which is around 12 kilometers from Anuradhapura. Currently, the hospital exists in form of ruins. While another hospital exists at Medirigiriya.

Ayurveda Body Treatment

This involves applying herbal oils from palm, on the body. This will help the body to relax along with toning the muscles and circulating the bird effectively. Daily used of this therapy can result in longevity and strong muscles. It also helps in relieving any form of fatigue, from the body. This treatment can be also used to treat any form of nervous system disorders.

Ayurveda Head Treatment

In this form of treatment, oil is applied and then the massaging is done with the help of palms and the fingers. The type of usage of oil is entirely dependent on the condition of the guest, and his requirements. This type of treatment is beneficial in curing migraine and headache and also improves the overall blood circulation of the body.

Ayurveda Facial Treatment

This form of treatment is done with the help of herbal pastes, employed with steam. This helps in toning the skin smooth while making skin clear of wrinkles.

Ayurveda Herbal Bath

In this form of treatment, various types of water mixed with different herbs used for bathing the patient. Again, it depends on the condition as well as the requirement of the patient. In this case, different types of herbal roots are first boiled, and then the warm water is poured carefully on the patients.

There are many Ayurvedic spas as well as medical centers in Sri Lanka, which offer Ayurvedic Foot massage and Ayurvedic Nasal treatment. Moving beyond this, nowadays even residential treatment is provided in the Ayurvedic resorts. Some of the popular Ayurveda resorts are Austrian Beach (Dickwella), Siddhalepa (Wadduwa), Niroga Resort (Balapitiya) and Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilion (Negombo).