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Rising up above the Kandy town it’s just 2 km from the Dalada maligawa the temple of the Sacred tooth relic. The name “Bahirawa Kanda” means the gnome mountain. There are many beliefs in folklore pertaining to the ancient history of this mountain.

According to one legend, there was a powerful Bahirawa Devalaya at the top of the Bahirawa Kanda where hundreds of beautiful girls had been sacrificed to Bahirawa Deviyo. These Devalayas and Kovils flourished during the days of Nayakkar Kings.

So, Dunuwilla Gajanayake Nilame, chief of the Elephant department of the King interfered to release his fiancee who was sentenced to be sacrificed as Bahirawa Puja and got her released. This marked the end of the Bahirawa pooja and the Devalaya was ruined with the passage of time.

Another story comes with its name. In the days of Kandy kingdom, there was a sound coming from this mountain, which terrified people every day. People said that it is an evil gnome shouting for a sacrifice. The king decides to give a beautiful virgin as the sacrifice every year. It was a minister who told the king to make this sacrifice because he him self-was the evil gnome. One year the nominated woman was the girlfriend of minister’s son.

In that night, people took the woman to the mountain and left he their. Later her boyfriend came and rescued her and fought the gnome. Then the boy himself made the same sound that homemade, and the people thought the sacrifice was accepted. The couple left the town on the same night.

Now a Temple is built in the top of the mountain with a massive statue of Lord Buddha. When you get to the top you will get a remarkable view of Kandy Town, mountain line connected with each other and the inside of the Bogambara Prison.