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Sri Lanka Top Beachs

The coastline of Sri Lanka comprises of around 1,338 kilometers. Along with this coastline, some 82 lagoons can be found, which can be described as the precious ornaments that decorate the Sri Lankan island. The distinct features of these lagoons are there size, shape and the ecosystem in which they exist. In Sri Lanka, there are eight coastal zones in total, which are as follows:

  • Northern
  • North Eastern
  • Eastern
  • South Eastern
  • Southern
  • Southwestern
  • Western
  • Northwestern

The average square area of the lagoons in Sri Lanka is around 1520 square kilometer, while the total length of the shoreline is approximately 2,791 square kilometer. The beaches located in the western and the southern coastline can be enjoyed thoroughly from the month of November to March when the weather will be sunny, and the winds from the northeast monsoon will keep blowing. However, if someone is visiting during the southwest monsoon which starts from April, and lasts till October, then the beaches located on the east coast will be ideal for them. One can enjoy a wide range of water sports offered by the coastal resorts located on the South, west and east costs of Sri Lanka. This includes canoeing, water skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving etc. All these sports are operated by professionals, who ensure optimum safety.

Nilaveli Beach

The beaches with white sand can be a pure delight to experience, and Nilaveli beach is one such beach. The beach is extremely popular with a foreigner as well as the local tourists, along with the Trincomalee beach. Owing to the popularity of the beach, there are a number of new hotels came up along the road, leading to the beach. Some of the activities which the tourists can perform are, snorkeling amongst the corals, visiting the famous pigeon island, and watching dolphins. Apart from this one can also do surfing. The best season to visit this beach is from April to October.


This is a coastal resort town, which is famous for its beach. The beach is extremely famous amongst those tourists, who want to swim across the shore. Pasikudah is only 30 kilometers from Batticaloa and around 6 kilometers from the town of Valachchanai. Kalkudah is the closest town to Pasikudah. The beach is visited by foreigners and local tourists and remains crowded throughout the year. Both Pasikudah and Kalkudah are extremely popular amongst the tourists. Both the destinations were heavily affected by the Tsunami, which came in the year 2009. However, both the destinations were resurrected by the tremendous amount of developmental work undertaken by the government. Pasikudah is famous for its shallow coastline, which is one of the longest in the country. Tourists can walk for few kilometers into the sea, as the initial depth is very less in comparison to the other beach in Sri Lanka.

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is located on the Eastern Coast and is only 3 kilometers from the town of Pottuvil. Arugam Bay is also referred to as the fishing village. There are two ways to reach Arugam Bay. The first route is from Monaragala, from the A4 road, while the second route is from Batticaloa. Arugam Bay is considered as the best destination for surfing in Sri Lanka. Because of its beautiful beach, this place is soon getting transformed into a busy tourist destination. This beach is frequented by the tourists throughout the year. The best season for surfing on this beach is from April to September. The hotels and the guest houses are completely occupied during this season. Tourists can also take boats on rent, and go for some memorable boating trips.

A visit to Crocodile Rock is definitely suggested, where one can be lucky enough to see wild elephants roaming around, at any given point of time. The elephants could be seen roaming on the Monaragala- Pottuvil road, and Batticaloa-Pottuvil road.

From here one can reach Lahugala National Park and Yala National Park, which is about 16 kilometers on the A4 road.


Kalpitiya is a coastal area, which is around 150 kilometer on the north of Colombo. Undoubtedly one of the beautiful coastal regions in Sri Lanka, it is located on the West Coast of Sri Lanka. Owing to its beauty and popularity, it has been already proposed to develop this area as “Special Tourist Zone”. The proposal covers the 14 islands located in this area. Being a peninsula, Kalpitiya separates the Puttalam lagoon from the Indian Ocean. It is also considered as a marine sanctuary, made up of diversified habitats that comprise of flat coastal plains, bar reefs, mangrove swamps, saltpans, salt marshes and beaches made up of sand dunes. The proposed tourist zone will be located in Kalpitiya, in the district of Puttalam. Puttalam is located in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka.

One of the most famous destinations in Kalpitiya is, “Bar Reef”, which can be reached by an hours boat ride from Kalpitiya. “Bar Reef” is an ideal destination for snorkelers and scuba divers.