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Climate and Seasons

Sri Lanka has a tropical climate, however, it doesn’t go through the extremities of the tropical climate. The average temperature in Colombo is 80 degree F (27 degree Celsius), while the same is suburbs have been recorded as 10 degree F (38 degree Celsius) at the semi-arid northwest areas. However, one can enjoy cool temperatures at the elevated regions. In these places the temperature remains at 61 degree F (16 degree C). Some areas have been affected by tropical monsoons, where it keeps on raining for months. Sri Lanka has two monsoons, which never keeps the island away from rain. The southwest monsoon occurs in the month of May, and continues till July. The southwest monsoon affects southern, western and the central regions. On the contrary the northeast monsoon starts in the month of November and continues till the month of January. The northeastern monsoon affects the northern and the eastern regions. The atmosphere over the Indian Ocean remains warm, making its way to the sea, and meeting the chilly shores of Antarctica.

Weather Report

In order to check the weather, the following website could be checked: www.meteo.gov.lk

Demography, Language and Religion

The population of Sri Lanka is around 21 million. Sri Lanka has a mixed population, which mainly comprises of the following communities:

  • Sinhalese (74 %)
  • Indigenous & Indian Tamils (12.6 % & 5 %)
  • Moors & Malays (9 %)
  • Burghers & others (0.4 %)

One can also find city dwellers of British, Dutch, and Portuguese descendant. The “others” section in the population mix is broadly referred to Negroes (brought by Portuguese), monks, merchants, mercenaries and mendicants (came from Malaya), Chinese, Parsis (came from Gujrat), Sindhis, Punjabis, Chetties, Afghans and Borahs.