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The mountains of Sri Lanka can be found in the Southern as well as the central part of the country. These mountains have rich ecological value. Pidurutalagala is the highest peak of Sri Lanka at 2524 meters high, located in Nuwara Eliya district. The second highest peak of Sri Lanka is, Kringalpottha at 2395 meters high. Kringalpottha is located in the Horton plains at the Nuwara Eliya district. Thotupolakanda is the third highest peak of Sri Lanka. This is located in the Horton Plains. Apart from these mountains, one can also visit the “Knuckles Ranges” located in the regions of Kandy and Matale. These ranges expand to Rangala, Hunnasgiriya, Elkaduwa, Madugoda, Nalanda, Matale and Wagomuwa. Another notable destination is “Adam’s Peak”, which is located at the Ratnapura district. The mountain is 2300 meters high. Other notable mountain resorts which can be considered for a visit are, Ritigala and Mihintale. Both of them are located in the Anuradapura district.

Amongst them, Adam’s peak is the most visited as well as the famous one. One can perform hiking, mountain biking, visiting waterfalls, and cross rivers to visit different mountains.