Stilt fishermen

Like many of Sri Lanka’s coastal regions Weligama is a bustling fishing port, and it’s here that you’ll also be able to witness the wonderful art of stilt fishing; something you don’t really see as commonly anymore. Perched on the edge of a cross-bar attached to a pole that’s in turn planted deep into the […]


Lace Weaving

Another one of Sri Lanka’s lost arts is lace weaving, a handicraft that was introduced to the country by the Portuguese. You may come across groups of women sitting outside their homes, busily weaving various products including clothes, table mats and more all out of lace. Like stilt fishing however, this is a rapidly diminishing […]


Snake Farm

Though probably not one of the first things you might want to do when landing in Weligama, the snake farm is well worth a visit. With around 15 different species of snakes here, you also get the opportunity to handle them yourself, under the watchful care and guidance of the caretakers of course. These majestic […]



Weligama is good for surfing, but in particular, beginner surfers. Aside from the various surf camps one can sign up to, the gentler waves on this side of town means that you can learn all the basics of surfing in peace before moving onto tougher waters. You can also enlist an instructor if you need […]


Little Adam’s Peak

Best described as the younger sibling of the widely revered and renowned Adam’s Peak, standing at 1,141 m, Little Adam’s Peak doesn’t disappoint. The trek is not as rigorous or time-consuming as climbing up Adam’s Peak; you can reach the summit within the hour. It’s also one of the easier hikes around, so if you’re […]


Ella Rock

Ella is in general an ideal location for adventurers, and those who love hiking and trekking. Ella Rock is another of the many hiking trails available, and is somewhat more challenging than the trek up Little Adam’s Peak. And even though you may consider yourself a more experienced trekker, as there aren’t any specific directions […]


Ella Spice Garden

Sri Lanka is famed for her spices as much as she’s famed for her beaches and gems, and the Ella Spice Garden is, in that sense, a treasure trove. Get to know your favourite ingredients a bit better, and discover completely new ones. Learn about how each of these spices contribute to the final result, […]


Ravana Falls

Even if you may not know how the exact story goes down, you’d most certainly have at least heard of the Ramayana, which in turn has inspired monikers for several locations in Sri Lanka alone, including the Sita Temple and Ravana Falls. The waterfall which tumbles down some 25ft, is a spot of respite for […]


Demodara Nine Arch Bridge

Whilst the British have left a considerable number of souvenirs in their wake following their reign, the Demodara Nine Arch Bridge is probably one of the most prominent. Over the years, it has settled into the surroundings, so now it complements them as opposed to marring them, and features nine arches as its name suggests. […]


Knuckles Mountain Range

As you might have guessed, this mountain range received its name after the knuckles of a clenched fist. Known as ‘Dumbara Mitiyawatha’ locally, this is a breath-taking sight from afar, with a host of natural delights wrapped in its landscape, all the while accompanied by a thin mist that makes it all the more enigmatic. […]