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Sri Lanka Waterfall Attractions

Sri Lanka is famous for its breathtaking waterfalls. It cannot be denied that waterfalls have been, one of the most beautiful creations of nature. It has been the prime attraction amongst the tourist, for a long time. Sri Lanka boasts of a large number of waterfalls, and most of them are found in the hilly regions of the country. Some of the places, where waterfalls could be found are:

  • Kandy (Central Province)
  • Hatton (Central Province)
  • Nuwara Eliya (Central Province)
  • Ramboda (Central Province)
  • Thalawakele (Central Province)
  • Kegalle (Central Province)
  • Ratnapura (Sabaragamuwa Province)
  • Yatiyantota(Sabaragamuwa Province)
  • Pelmadulla (Sabaragamuwa Province)
  • Belihuloya (Sabaragamuwa Province)
  • Kitugala (Sabaragamuwa Province)
  • Maliboda (Sabaragamuwa Province)
  • Bulathkohupitiya (Sabaragamuwa Province)
  • Wellawaya (Uva Province)
  • Badulla (Uva Province)
  • Kalutara (Western Province)

Key factors responsible for the formation of waterfalls are:

  • Thrust off the earth’s surface should be sharp enough
  • Water should flow over a surface which is hard enough, that can prevent any form of erosion.
  • Waterfalls get developed with abundant rainfall.

One can find numerous waterfalls located across Sri Lanka, and some of them are located remotely inside the jungles. Some of the key waterfalls are listed below.

Aberdeen Falls

Located at a height of 98 meters, this waterfall is fed by Kehelgamuwa Oya, which is a tributary of Maskeliyaoya. This beautiful waterfall is located in the estate of Aberdeen, and one can reach this place from the town of Hatton via Ginigathhena town.

Bambarakanda Ella Fall

This waterfall is located at 263 meter high. Undoubtedly, this is the tallest waterfall of Sri Lanka. The waterfall flows out of the Uduweriya Haputale Mountains. The waterfall is located in Haldumulla, in the district of Budulla. One can reach this place from the A-4 post, that can be found in the Colombo- Badulla stretch. On this stretch, one has to take left from Kalpana and then further proceed for 5 kilometers in order to reach the waterfall. It has to be noted that the road is extremely narrow, and cautious driving is recommended to avoid any form of accidents.

Baker’s Falls

This fall is located at 22 meters high and comes out of the Belihul Oya which is located in the plains of Horton. One can trek from the Horton plains in order to reach this waterfall. Another attraction, “World’s end” lies in the close proximity.

Bopath Ella Falls

This fall is fed by Kuruganga and is around 30 meters high. Kuruganga is a tributary of Kalu Ganga. The fall takes the shape of a leaf of a Bo tree. The fall is located in Kuruwita, in the district of Ratnapura. One can drive from Colombo to Ratnapura, through the A4 road in order to reach this waterfall. On this stretch take a left turn on the Devipahala road. This fall is immensely popular amongst the local tourists, and they use it for picnics and river bathing. Also, one can find a lot of good restaurants located beside the falls.

Devon’s Fall

The fall is around 97 meters high and is located in the Devon estate. This fall is fed by Kothmale Oya. This place can be viewed from the Hatton – N’ Eliya stretch, and can be reached from Lindula.

Lakshapana Falls

The beautiful Lakshapana falls is the world’s eighth largest waterfall. It is around 129 meters high. The fall is fed by Maskeliya Oya, which flows towards west joining Kehelgamawa Oya and ultimately forming Kelani Ganga. One can reach this fall from the A 7 road, which is located between Hatton and Kitulgala. However, the most convenient route will be the stretch between Hatton and Masekeliya. From Hatton, one needs to travel for 18 kilometers, after that one can find a footpath which will eventually lead to the Pathana village. From Pathana, it is very easy to reach the falls. Alternately, one can also reach through Lakhshapana road, which starts from Kaluganga River. After traveling for 18 kilometers Lakshapana temple can be reached. From the temple, the fall is just 2.5 kilometers. Lakshapana literally means “a 1000 bulbs”, and was the hydroelectric project of Sri Lanka.

Mapalana Ella Falls

The height of this fall is around 141 meters, and it is fed by Ella Oya River. The fall comprises of three different sections. Ella Oya is one of the tributary of the river Maskeliya Oya. This falls can be reached from Ratnapura after driving for 22 kilometers via Gileemale, and eventually reaching Sri Pada Mountain. Sri Pada Mountain is also known as Adam’s peak. Mapalana falls is located on the south west of the Sri Pada Mountain. The falls can be also reached from the banks of the Kaluganga River, which is exactly 20 kilometers from the fall.

Olu Falls

The height of Olu falls is 200 meters. The falls are made up of various cascades of the river We Oya. We Oya is the tributary of the river Kelani Ganga. The fall itself is around 18 meters wide, which makes it beautiful to watch. There is a wooden bridge, which spans across We Oya adding more beauty to the falls. During the rainy season, the falls spray its water on to the bridge. Olu falls is also one of the most popular bathing points. One can reach Olu falls from Yatiyantota town, after driving for 19 kilometers.

Ramboda Ella Falls

This waterfall comprises of three parts and is extremely close to the post of A-5. It is around 53 kilometers from A-%. A-5 lies in the stretch of Peradeniya – Nuwara Eliya road. Len Dola Falls, which is fed by Kothmale Oya, located above the Panna Oya is around 2 meters high. There are many falls, which are fed by the tributaries that flow from the upper part, and subside themselves to Panna Oya. The fall remains at a height of 30 meters when it crosses the road located at Ramboda. The height of the Garandi fall is 100 meters. Garandi fall is made up of various other waterfalls, this includes Gerandi and Ramboda falls, in the Ratnapura district. The cascade of the falls make it to 270 meter high, and this makes the fall noticeable from a considerable distance. One can enjoy this beautiful view from Ramboda falls. Another fall which is small but noticeable is Vedimalya falls, which comes off from the Garandi Ella falls. This fall is also part of the Ramboda falls.

Rawana Ella Falls

Ella comprises of two waterfalls, Ravana Ella Falls and the Rawana Falls. The Ravana Falls is located near the Ravana cave and is above the Ravana Ella. The falls of Ravana can be easily seen on the stretch between A-23 Ella and the Wellawaya road. The whole stretch is of around 22 Kilometers. The height of the fall is around 40 meters, and it directly flows into Ho Oya. Ho Oya is a tributary of Uma Oya.

Saint Clair’s Falls

It comprises of two waterfalls and is immensely beautiful. These two falls, Maha Ella and Kuda Ella, which are 80 meters and 60 meters wide respectively. These waterfalls make Kothmale Oya. The water of this waterfall is also used for Upper Kotmale Hydro Electric Power Project. This fall can be clearly seen from the A-7 road, between the 81-82 kilometers posts. The road is located in the district of Nuwara Eliya. One can also reach the fall from, Talawakele town as it is only 1.5 kilometers from there.

Diyaluma Falls

This is the second highest fall of Sri Lanka, at a height of 220 meters. This fall is located in the dry zone, and is fed by Punagaloya, which is a tributary of Kirindi Ganga. Kirindi Ganga merges with the sea at Tissamaharamaya. This fall is extremely close to the A4 road which lies between the Koslanda and Wellawaya. The whole stretch will be around 205 to 206 kilometers.

Dunhinda Falls

This fall is around 63 meters high, located closed to Badulla, and can be reached easily off Badulla –Mahiyanganaya road. In order to reach this waterfall, one has to walk along for 2 kilometers. As this fall is easily accessible, it is frequented by the locals as well as the tourists. The fall is generated from Badu Oya.

Duvili Falls

This fall is located around 60 meters high and is located on the stretch between Balangonda and Kaltota. This fall is fed by Walawe Ganga. This place is extremely well maintained, however, one has to climb exactly 160 steps in order to reach the falls, which can be tiresome at times.

Handapan Falls

Handspan falls is around 200 meters high. One can reach this falls from “Rakwana”, which is located on the Kalawana road. It has to be noted that Rakwana Ganga, rises from the “Handapan Ella”. Handapan Ella flows by the northern part of the Kabaragala mountains. On the other hand, Kabaragala Mountains is formed of steep rocks located in the Sinharaja forest.

Hunnas Falls

This fall is also located at 60 meter high. This is manmade fall, created within a particular spice garden. This fall is very close to the hill town of Kandy. The water falls from a steep rock, from a particular tank that is fed by a stream flowing from the northern slope of Hunasgiriya Mountain, finally flowing into Maha Oya located at Matale. One needs to travel on the A-9, located on the stretch between Kandy and Matale. From there one needs to go towards Wattegama, and the move towards Elkaduwa finally reaching this beautiful falls.

Kirindi Ella Falls

The height of this fall is 116 meter, and it is formed from various water sources. This fall is generated in Katapitiyakanda, in the forest of Bambarabotuwa, and it further flows into into the Denawak Ganga. Denawak was Ganga, is one of the tributary of the Kalu Ganga. In order to reach this place, one has to start from A4 road, which can be reached from Pelamadulla.

Kurunduoya Falls

The height of this fall is 206 meters, and it is the third highest fall of Sri Lanka. The fall is formed by the inflowing Kurundu River. The water flows down to the deeper ravines, making its way to Mahaweli River. This fall is also called as Maturata falls. It is located in the district Nuwara Eliya. One can reach this place, by taking the road toward Nuwara Eliya moving towards Kandapola. From Kandapola, one can proceed towards Brookside, finally reaching kudugala. From Kudugala one can walk for another 500 meters, and reach the fall.